“Memra is a Gift!” (The Word is a Gift!) Bible gifting program is designed to celebrate the wonderful gift that the Word of Adonai is for each of us! This program was created and designed to celebrate the beautiful and varied testimonies of those who have come to faith in Yeshua HaMaschiach, and the joyful return to The Way of faith we are called to from the Torah and Tanakh as believers, both Jewish and non-Jewish. We are excited and blessed to gift some of those who desire to openly share their testimony, a Complete Jewish Bible that shares the truth of The Word — Genesis to Revelation— from an authentic, accurate, and original Jewish perspective. Our hope and prayer is that many more would seek to create or revive their understanding of, and love for, the Bible and relationship with the One who created us all. This can only be realized through sharing, reading, and studying Memra.... The Word.

The Bible has blessed our lives in incomprehensible ways. Each month, we gift a Bible to a member of our community. 

MEMRA! The Word is a Gift!

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Memra means “The Word” in Aramaic, the language of the Messiah

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We can't wait to read your wonderful testimony! Your name has been added into this month's drawing to receive a bible. We'll be in touch to announce this month's winner!

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"I Feel Like I'm Living the Life God Intended for Me!"