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I thought that all newspaper reporters were run down by Harley-riding former National Football League coaches who then declare on network television, “I've always wanted to kill a sports writer,” as I was by former Atlanta Falcons Coach Jerry Glanville. Hasn't another reporter watched fire fighters gut his smoldering automobile while Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig stared along in disbelief?

Frozen between floors, I was trapped in an elevator with Muhammad Ali and Don King. I hung out with members of the Grateful Dead. This was my life and now I hope to share those experiences in books -- some in memoir form, others through fiction and still others in children's stories.

I declined to shake Richard Nixon's hand, argued with Miss America and scolded a United States senator before storming out of his house.

For years, colleagues at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, where I was a reporter for 35 years, urged me to write the stories behind my stories, but I couldn’t fathom why.

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The Turtle Who Lost His Shell

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The Fighting Frenchman


44 Miracles

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Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too wondrous for Me?

jeremiah 32:27 cjb

writing of god's wonders

Why "Locs & Bagels"?

The name behind "Locs & Bagels" was inspired by two of the things nearest and dearest to Paul -  "Locs" representing the love of his life, Chanda, and "Bagels" representing his Jewish heritage and legacy. 

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This is a book about faith written by a man who rarely prayed or attended religious services, never read the Bible, and didn't begin to understand his relationship with God until he turned 70. It is a story of possibilities. Quite frankly, this is not the memoir I expected to write. But then God turned my life upside down – and He did so in an instant! – reminding me that we truly live in an age of miracles and wonders and that God is a God of the breathtakingly sudden. And if it happened to me, then it could happen to you, if you believe.


44 Miracles

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