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GOSHEN Living! is a family of brands and a set apart space for God's people today to be lifted and strengthened in His word, and in their Homes, Health, and spiritual Hearts as they sojourn through this life.

Welcome to GOSHEN Living!


Are you seeking to live a victorious and God-filled life? So are we! Welcome to GOSHEN Living! GOSHEN Living! is totally Biblical in its foundation and totally practical in its application. We can't wait to connect with you. Take a look around at our family of brands - you'll find resources in wellness, travel, reading, and more. It's our hope that you find joy, community, and inspiration here at GOSHEN Living!

Live the GOoD Life.... God’s way!

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Genesis 45:10 CJB

You will live in the land of Goshen and be near me — you, your children, your grandchildren, flocks, herds, everything you own.

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Journey to beautiful destinations with a small group of like-minded travelers. Chanda, co-founder of GOSHEN Living! and certified travel agent, leads the way to soft adventure, wellness, pure fun, and non-pretentious luxury.

Discover God's Glorious Earth with LOKA Travel

luxurious, unpretentious travel

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A career in journalism and a love for storytelling led Paul to be an author, and finding true love led Paul to embrace his Judaism and believe in miracles again. Learn more about Paul and read the written works of Locs & Bagels Press.

Locs & Bagels Press

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Being healthy doesn't have to be hard. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, I coach my clients to explore basic improvements and implement gradual changes during our work together.

Neshama Mama! Wellness

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health and wellness

What is
"GOSHEN Living!"?

The Land of Goshen is the special place set aside by God, through Yosef, that promised the children of Israel Proximity (nearness to God), Provision, Protection, and Favor! In the same spirit, GOSHEN Living! is a set apart space for God's people today to be lifted and strengthened in His word, and in their Homes, Health, and spiritual Hearts as they sojourn through this life.

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Memra Is A Gift!

"The Word is a Gift!"

The Bible has blessed our lives in incomprehensible ways. That's why it's an important goal of ours to share this gift with those we love. Each month, we gift a Bible to a member of our community. Are you next?

We're Paul and Chanda Levy...

An old hippie and a traveling gypsy introduced by a Yorkie. Chanda brings the passion of Luxury Travel, Well-Being, and Eco-Friendly Living , which pairs perfectly with Paul's extensive Journalism experience, and incredible knack for Creative Writing and Storytelling. United with our mutual love for Adonai, we're here to help you build faith and become your best self.

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Shalom friend!

Psalm 23 Gifts + Goods

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Let's be clear – this has nothing to do with skinny or fat, being well-to-do, or making ends meet. This has nothing to do with advanced degrees or family pedigrees. This is about true wellness. Total well-being. It’s about you. being. well.

3 Ways to Well-Being No One Talks About

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